MOTOTEC brand. Solenoid Switch

  • SS-1516 Mitsubishi FE101.
  • SS-1522 Mitsubishi PS-100 FE ALL, FE 3 Series.
  • SS-1529 Mitsubishi L300 Deluxe, T120SS, E33, CB2 & Suzuki KATANA.
  • SS-1540 Mitsubishi FUSO Fighter.
  • SS-1547 Mitsubishi Ganjo, FE71 (PS-100, 125, 136) Intercooler.
  • SS-1569 Mitsubishi 8DC, 6D22.
  • SS-1680 Toyota Kijang 5K.
  • SS-1684 Suzuki Carry Extra.
  • SS-1660 Suzuki Futura & Toyota Hi-ace.
  • SS-2519 Nissan RD8.
  • SS-2725 HINO Lohan & Toyota Dynasaurus.
  • SS-2713 HINO FD / FF.
  • SS-2717 HINO HO7C & Nissan CK12..

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